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Would you like to be able to grow nutrient dense, healthy and prolific plants?

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Why Spirit of Shakti carries Blue Canoe Bras

Blue Canoe Jane's Bra, Jen's Bra
Jane’s Plus Cup, Jane’s Bra, Jen’s Bra
Blue Canoe Adjustable, Yoga & Bralette
Adjustable Bra, Yoga Bra, Bralette

 Finding the right bra that not only fits comfortably but also offers support can be challenging.  Many of the Blue Canoe bras are doctor and chiropractor recommended and well loved by customers. As a bonus, Blue Canoe bras, like all of their other clothing are made from 100% organic cotton and or bamboo.

What Doctors and Chiropractors Recommend

Before buying a new bra, it is important to know what to look for in a fit. According to an article from thedoctorstv.com your bra should lie firmly against the rib cage. A bra should be level front to back across the bodice. Breast augmentations require the same support as natural breasts. Support is very important for breast health especially post surgeries or during and after pregnancy. Avoid underwire when nursing. According to heathline.com, post-surgery you should wear bras that have no wires, do have pockets for removable pads, and are made out of soft fabric. Your bras should be adjustable and have a longer band around the rib cage. These are also great things to look for in a bra for everyday wear.

Blue Canoe Bras

Blue Canoe has championed the concept of breast-healthy, comfortable organic bras. Blue Canoe offers 17 different styles of bras to fit your lifestyle needs, whether yoga, workout, maternity, nursing, sleep, recovery and everyday wear. There is no binding heavy elastic or wires in any of their bras. Whatever stage you are at in life, pre-teen to mature, you can find the perfect Blue Canoe bra.

Blue Canoe Bras at Spirit of Shakti

In store and online, we offer a selection of these bras such as the Adjustable bra, Cami Bra, Yoga Bra, Lattice Back Cami, and the Bralette. If you don’t see the bra you are looking for, we can order it for you. If your are local or visiting Ashland, stop by our boutique at 471 A Street in the Railroad District of Ashland, Oregon and see for yourself the comfort of Blue Canoe bras. You can also purchase Blue Canoe bras on our website

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If you would like to learn more about these bras here is a link to Blue Canoe’s Blog: https://www.bluecanoe.com/blogs/news/bras-are-what-we-do-best.

Feeling Cozy This Fall

Feeling cozy this fall in our rust sweater and tights by @bluecanoesf – a 100% organic sustainable clothing company made in SF. Available now in our shop! Other colors available.

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